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Maintenance and Repairs

Residential & Commercial

When it comes to your home, your business or investment properties, deferring maintenance can result in more involved and costly repairs in the future. Cheap discount repairs are usually not a wise decision either. In over twenty years of working on structures Iíve encountered many situations where the customer would have been much better off not choosing the low bid contractor and spend a few additional dollars with someone who actually knew what they were doing.

Experience in dealing with specific systems is a good start, but being able to make it up as you go is invaluable. Repairing a building requires a good trouble shooter, someone who can diagnose the problem and devise a solution then perform the repair. Familiarization with various construction techniques, materials and their properties is a big aid. Keeping abreast of new materials, when and how to utilize them is paramount.

Some parts of a structure are built to last a lifetime and needing to repair them is usually a result of not performing maintenance on the items that do require periodic attention. You can approach maintenance a couple of ways. Periodic inspections and scheduled maintenance will allow you to prevent maintenance items from surprising you at inconvenient times. Another way is to let maintenance items go to failure and promptly repairing them before additional damage is done.

When you can observe the signs of the failure, damage has occurred. The problem with waiting for failure, besides the damage factor, is it doesnít always happen at a time when it is convent to make repairs. The third and most expensive way is to ignore the problem as long as you can and then spend big bucks to replace it all.

Landlords, Residential and Commercial Building Owners

We ease some of the headaches that accompany rental property ownership. We can take calls directly from your tenants, schedule and perform repairs then bill you. We often keep keys to our regular customerís properties to allow faster service and access in emergency situations. We will call you if repairs might exceed your pre-authorized limit. You can pay by credit or debit card online at our web site or over the phone, mail a check or pay cash in person. Well send a receipt for your records. Some larger jobs will require a written contract and down payment.

Commercial Customers

We will schedule repairs as to minimize disruption to your business as much as possible. Emergency repairs to keep your business running are put on a priority schedule and taken care of ASAP. We are available 24/7.


We handle emergency and non-emergency repairs and improvements to your home. If it is part of your home or property and itís not functioning properly or at all, we can repair, replace, or improve it.

Some of the items you may need help with:
roof (shingle, metal, flat, sloped, rubber), siding (vinyl, wood, cement, shakes), windows, doors, drywall, ceiling, drains, water lines, outlets, switches, breakers, floors, fences, sheds, garage doors, concrete, pavers, patio, decks, stairs, screens, cabinets, countertops, toilets, heaters, air conditioners, water heaters (gas or electric), tile, insulation, painting, shower, tub, toilet, sink, garbage disposer, sump pump, porch, lights, mailbox.

Home improvement and repairs
We handle emergency repairs!
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We fix roof leaks & vinyl siding
Home improvement and repairs
We install replacement windows




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